The happy quest of the question

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The happy quest of the question

 The power of a question is really amazing, it acts like a laser flash, focalizing your attention.

 « What time is it ? »

 ... Your attention has a tendency to turn to what the hell the time can it be !? 

 « What could you do to be happier ? »

 ... your attention starts listing and evaluating the potentialities of such an orientation.

 « Have you noticed how the world we live in is dangerous ? »

 and your attention is spontaneously looking for evidences of such an information, trying to have it make sense, find out this is probably true.

 « Don’t you think the world’s marvelous ? »

  ... and here again, your attention is busy looking for evidences proving this is true, this might be meaningful.

 Questions select the information we find « What is red ? »... here, your attention will not be directed to what is green, unless a previous question had set your mind towards green objects. 

 Asking in the appropriate questions at the appropriate situation is a powerful advantage to navigate in this world.

 It is highly recommended to be attentive to the power of questions, for they are very powerful tools, they are zooms ! The effects they induce and the responses we choose, create little by little a certain view of reality.

Let’s consider the happy questions like useful questions for present and future times ! Let’s see in the happy questions the germs of the collective work of art of tomorrow, both individually and collectively.