Become a Happiness Agent!

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Become a Happiness Agent!

Become a Happiness Agent ! Contaminate your friends and relatives ! Propagate the Virus of Happiness !

What is a Happiness Agent ?

A Happiness Agent is someone who got registered on Happython’s website www.happython.com and who started propagating the happy question, interviewing his friends and relatives, asking : « What makes, or has made, you happy ? » !

Get registered and granted credits for your Attention Capital with 1 100 Points Of Presence (POPs) and you can take your POPs to invest in the cities and villages of your choice to spread the virus of happiness around the world.  When the city (or village) selected reaches 10%, it will be contaminated by the virus Happiness!

Each time you enter a happy testimony in your Happiness Agent account, you are granted 10 (or 20) POPs. If the person you interviewed gave you his/her email address, you are granted 10 POPs more and the value of the testimony doubles as regards the Top Agents.

There also are incredible bonuses Happiness Agent Diploma.

Feel like joining in, welcome!