Become a translator of happy testimonies!

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Become a translator of happy testimonies!

Hi !

If you ever feel like translating happy testimonies,  you are more than welcome ! We are glad translators from everywhere help us in shaping a universal multidimensional face :). But first of all, we need to know a little about you and your linguistic knowledge. 

(some idioms can only be translated by very good translators)

If you want to be a translator, register here by filling in the form .

Are you a Happiness Agent ?

What languages do you speak   ?

Are you completely bilingual (or trilingual or more ?!) or do you know a bit ?!

From what language to what other language are you able/willing to translate ?

Thanks for showing interest in this happy dynamic, we wish you a happy day and we will get in touch with you soon !

The Happython team