City Exhibitions

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City Exhibitions

A city exhibition is an interactive process of meetings and exchanges, that takes place in a whole city with the objective of creating a collective work of art. The citizen is seen as an artist of his/her life and cityby initiating creative movements towards the others and by taking part in the construction of that specific collective frame : ‘the every day life'!

This happening ends in an plastic exhibitions of happy testimonies pinned on  clothes-horses called « Happy-Hang», exhibition of course of the testimonies collected by the « agents » in the city. This « agents » dynamic establishes specific interactions with the neighbourhood, family etc. by asking people about their happy moments. A « Ceremony of Happython Awards» is organised to reward people for what they have done for the city, the community; a movie showing the best moments of the Happython in the city.

This Happython Awards Ceremony reminds us of something like the Cesar’s ceremony.

In order to develop the virus of happiness, to favour initiatives aiming at giving help to the community, developing ethic and community sense, medias are considered as a place for expression, communication and retroaction of exhibitions.

The story of the City Exhibition

From 1998 to 2002, after several “classical” exhibitions in art galleries, public places, schools, private big events (weddings, etc.), villages fares, we encountered the city of Mons-en-Baroeul (suburbs of Lille, with 24 000 inhabitants) which invited us to apply our original patterns within the manifestations of Lille 2004, European Cultural Capital, from May 2003 to May 2004. First thing for the opening was the inauguration of the Happython Meter, where one could follow the progression of the number of the happy testimonies coming from all over the world. Thus, the new form of exhibitions favoured responsibility and trans-generations exchanges.  All the productions were then exposed on April  30th 2004 during the final collective creation  : The Happython Awards Ceremony.

The 5 main steps of the project

Step 1: 
Communicate the Happy Community Event. Announce a very special exhibition : inhabitants of the city are going to be considered as potential artists of their city. 

Step 2: Build a solid team in order to create a «collective work of art»

Step 3 : Create the opening of the exhibition. Invite every one happy or about to become happy ! 

Step 4 : Propagate the « Virus » of Happiness -:)

Step 5 : The exhibition and the Happython Awards Ceremony. (final event)

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