The Happython... a “dynamic”?

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The Happython... a “dynamic”?

One of the objectives of this project is to favour a responsible, happy, community-centred attitude through playful  and interactive approaches. This initiative which started in 1998, was first called « Alors, heureux(se) ? ». Then it became « l'Espace du Bonheur », « Le Fil du Bonheur » and finally « Happython (2001) » as regards plastic, for modelling, audiovisual and communicational projects in cities.

Given the success encountered by this approach  both by the people interviewing and those interviewed and also by the people supervising the project, we found a phenomenon of spontaneous adhesion  in which the numerous points of convergence and aptitudes allowed for the expansion of such a new dynamic.

A « Happiness Virus » was born and...  well, sorry about that, but it seems you’ve just been contaminated yourself ! (unless you already were) Maybe we should have warned you but this all happened so quickly… sorry, this is now too late! you’re about to be very happy!