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"When it becomes obvious that our Attention Capital feeds our values, convictions and actions, we will naturally chose to invest this capital in the values, convictions and actions that create the happiness and the harmony of the world we share. We will then collectively reach a new form of aesthetics that will awaken us to our real deep nature, to an ethic of being that will inspire us to become elegant vectors of evolution, armed with a smile in the shape of a boomerang."

Extract from the book  : "
You are the artist of your life !… even on those rainy Monday mornings, you know what I mean", by the author of the Happython project.)

In anyway, how can I help the happiness virus propagating ? Do I have to…

« Watch out ! Don’t let yourself be contaminated by the happiness virus... Too late ! »

- create city exhibitions, communication networks, happenings, with cities and/or any other structure, organisation, association ready to offer this dynamic some showing out.

- develop solidarity networks, inter-cities co-creativity, inter-regionally and internationally

- co-create agreements between cities, social, cultural, private organisations to keep this dynamic running and develop those original exhibitions.

- open a space towards new cooperation contexts (twinned cities, regions, companies, etc.) and new medias to have this dynamic develop round and round and round !

- favours abilities in organisation, communication, initiatives, proper sense, modelling, in order to make professional a team of people associated to the project, making them operational in many contexts.

- develop a way of seeing things, where technology can be associated to « human » and multidimensional meaningful projects.

- expose creations from the real world, encourage virtual graphic creation, musical creation, and besides, co-creation.

- via the internet platform, exhibitions, medias, various cooperations, develop exchanges and data base to follow, analyse, predict various flows to encourage multidimensional impacts of virtual interface towards real, and vice versa, favour connections between everyone’s own environment and global reality.