What is The Happython?

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What is The Happython?

The Happython is a multidimensional artistic project, an ethical, esthetical concept designed to enlighten happy  shared moments, and help us keep in mind that we have the choice of how we look at things in our own world of images and feelings and in the world around us.

This Happython project first started in 1998 with this simple question : « What makes, or has made, you happy ? ». Answers from many people started being exhibited printed on sheets of papers and pinned on  strings and clothes-horses called « Happy-Hang ». These exhibitions took place in public places, art galleries, etc. and over the internet. Thus first started the idea of a World Record for Happy Moments : the Happython was born and Happiness Virus started propagating! Dozens of thousands of people, aged from 2 to 109, coming from all over the world have already testified of their happy moments!

So this is an interactive experience aiming at having us put our Attention Capital on the true values we want to live, creating an elegant way of moving from abstraction to concrete, from ideal to reality, through an esthetical communication in order to favour projects, ethical partnerships, nourished by a commune vision.