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We have spent a long time looking at our differences maybe it is now time to look for our similarities such as : we were all born, we all do our best to try to be happy, and we will all die soon or later ! (Ouch, I know, but that’s the way it is!)

Looking at it from an artistic point of view, it is a mere passage from the frame of the painting to the "frame" of reference : we colour the world with our ideas, just like a painter spreads colours on his painting. We all have a potentiality for elegance and creativity, we have to educate ourselves through our decisions and their consequences.

To discern and to watch make it possible to perceive, to observe, not to feel petrified by other people’s look, and this is how our world becomes brighter. Communicating this, through this dynamic favours stabilization of such ability. The more crazy people we are to believe in something, the closer to reality it gets ! Some crazy things can make us happy :) !

We have reached an interesting step in the evolution of artistic representation. Our tradition focused on appearance of things and the way they were represented. We are progressively changing our point of view and the attention is set to the process of changing, transformation, construction and emerging.

Today, to sculpt one’s own « frame » of reference, one’s own « material of thoughts » (installations of ideas, images, believes), perceiving that life has the colour of the look we create, perceiving that life is an artistic opportunity.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the artist Marcel Duchamp said it was the “viewer that made the picture" ! Today, couldn’t we answer him  that it is the person that makes the viewer. The individual  has a creating power over his own « virtual » universe of images and he’s responsible for its « installation », to create it in an elegant and flexible manner. By the way he/she will have assembled his/her own images, he/she will apprehend the reality one way or another, and he/she will contaminate other people with his/her art.

Our reality is an ever moving work of art. We have altogether accepted this state; this implicit collective agreement between co-creators that we all are, stabilizes this collective creation