Who ?

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Who ?

A few words about Thierry ...

Thierry Vermont lives on earth since 1964. Author of Happython dynamic.
Its motto : "NoW is WoN,so… no time to lose! "

A few words about Sébastien
Sébastien Defaut lives on earth since 1975. Responsible for a web agency.
Its motto : "Big things are growing little by little."

A few words about Benjamin
Benjamin Defaut lives on earth since 1985. Programmer and… curious. 
Its motto : " Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?!"

A few words about Geneviève 
Geneviève Cordelle lives on earth since 1957. Creative performances, trainer, & propagator of Happython.

Its motto: "As long as there is time, it is a good sign, we can rest by working!"

A few words about Arnaud 
Arnaud Jamin lives on earth since 1978. Film director.

Its motto: " More you see, and… more you see !"

A few words about Nathalie
Nathalie Girardie lives on earth since 1967. Illustrator

Its motto: " When we do things one by one, we come to create movement and that's where we finally see that we achieved many things simultaneously."

A few words about Anne-Marie 
Anne-Marie Chaillou lives on earth since 1943. Volunteer of Happython Association. 
Its motto: " Caring for others is good, but take care of yourself, for others to be happy, that's even better! "