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The latest testimonies of LILLE
Classic happy moment, but true : waking up beside your love… a moment of pure tenderness… you wake from one dream to plunge into another…
Rémi , 23 ans, Lille (France)
What makes me happy is when the people in the metro don't look just at their feet but at each other, and smile.
Axelle , 21 ans, Lille (France)
What makes me happy, today, is seeing a magnificent carpet of dead leaves at the foot of a tree and hearing a bird singing on the bare tree.
Jacqueline , 79 ans, Lille (France)
What makes me happy is finally being able to walk, because I was in a wheelchair.
Simon , 13 ans, Lille (France)
I have just come out of a coma. Here it is : happiness is to be alive again.
Laura , 38 ans, Lille (France)
What makes me happy ? The field of grapefruit in pink mornings.
Damien , 24 ans, Lille (France)