Make world happy as you

To take the time to eat in a fine restaurant in Marseille and to savour the different meals…
Magali , 21 years old, Marseille (France)
I am happy when I am loved for what I am.
Marcella , 37 years old, Cagliari (Italy)
My success (academic with honors) makes me happy.
Mane , 18 years old, Khouribga (Maroc)
What makes me happy is to be pretty.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
What makes me happy is to talk to people and to learn something from them.
Sofiane , 30 years old, Béjaïa (Algérie)
Hearing that a friend is expecting a baby makes me happy.
Karine , 20 years old, Tremblay-en-France (France)
Happiness is when I see my mother again, for whom I'll always be the same kid (even if I'm not this kid anymore) and to see her face lighting up and smiling.
Mehdi , 27 years old, Tunis (Tunisie)
What makes me happy is that my three and a half year old son gets angry if someone wants to smush an insect or when he asks us to be quiet to not scare a bird.
Marie-Noëlle , 32 years old, Ham-sous-Varsberg (France)
What makes me happy is being able to hold onto my freedom that I can use again and again.
Anne , 36 years old, Paris (France)
My most beautiful moment of happiness was when my love, Nuno Filipe, had prepared for me the most beautiful Valentine's day…. We went to the highest place in the region. Without me noticing anything, he took out two crystal glasses of champaign and a red roses bunch where there was a little note: with lots of love. And the best: a ring, a solitaire and the most important, lots of love…
Silvia , 23 years old, Pombal (Portugal)
This is great !! The virus of happiness !! I'd like to give you my own definition of happiness... : “Happinees is like a butterfly. If you run after it, it will escape... But if you let it be, it will land softly on your shoulder...”
Louise , 42 years old, Chicoutimi (Canada)
What made me happy was seeing that people haven't yet forgotten Ingrid Bettancourt and her thousand-day-detention, November 19, 2004.
Hervé , 20 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is thinking of the happy future waiting for me somewhere in the universe.
Isabelle , 21 years old, Toulouse (France)
What makes me happy is getting back home after a long day at college, putting my hand in my mailbox and discovering a postcard from someone I love.
Adrien , 18 years old, Marseille (France)
An evening between friends, with a little to drink of course. One of them accompanies you back to your taxi, one of the ones with whom you share the same complicity and sensitivity. And on a « goodbye » you steal a kiss from him, instead of an ordinary « see ya soon ». A kiss that lasts for a little while, a kiss he returns. The kind of kiss that makes you smile each time you think about it again and makes you happy.
Aurore , 22 years old, Paris (France)
Freedom makes me feel happy.
Mahi , 28 years old, Alger (Algérie)
What makes me happy is to have been able to get a job on my own.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
What makes me happy is to live without any worries.
Soufiane , 28 years old, Tébessa (Algérie)
Surprising my brother and seeing the happiness on his face, that's enough to make me happy.
Kamila , 28 years old, Marseille (France)
What makes me happy : Luigi who brought me a chocolate egg, only for me !
Vanessa , 21 years old, Rome (Italie)
What makes me happy is getting a love letter meant for someone else... and getting a love letter really meant for me!
Charlotte , 17 years old, Amiens (France)
What makes me happy is when my husband tells me “I love you more than my life!”
Magalie , 23 years old, Marrakech (Maroc)
What makes me happy is when my boyfriend tells me he loves me.
Emeline , 17 years old, Nimes (France)
What makes me happy is sharing my newspaper with a neighbor on the metro who reads it over my shoulder.
Etienne , 21 years old, paris (France)
Oh… little everyday trifles make me happy … a smile, a hand in mine…a look, a laughing child…happiness is very relative…but we must know to appreciate the little things.
Angela , 40 years old, Benidorm (Espagne)
Ana , 25 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me wild with happiness is to think that I get life ahead of me to make all my dreams come true, to meet ‘the' woman willing to offer me some kids, to see my babies grow, to make a contribution to tolerance for everyone, and mostly do my best not to wake up one day and think that I have made a mess of my life…
Jean-Daniel , 24 years old, Bastogne (Belgique)
Hello everyone, what made me happy this summer was just swimming in the lake with warm sunbeams... letting myself be carried softly away by small waves.I find that that's complete happiness.. it's peace, calm, joy, it's relaxing... it's being happy... and all of that accompanied by my dear husband xxx -ps: the heat is much easier to stand that way hmm...
Sylvie , 35 years old, Marieville (Canada)
For a very long time I have wanted to play a musical instrument while avoiding the forbidding aspect of learning the solfeggio. By some wonderful chance, I saw a photo of a man. Playing the tampoura in the desert, the flash !
Patrick , 37 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy, hmm... The first is waking up and seeing sunbeams... the second is payday... the third is my last day at work!
Claire , 48 years old, Longueuil (Canada)