Attention Capital & POPs

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Attention Capital & POPs

The Attention Capital is made of POPs (Points of Presence). A POP is a point that can make ideas you want to see progressing become real. It is the first seed of virtual stuff that is about to build the roots of a world where human values will be lived, experienced, and shared. It is also a way to invest with attention somebody, something, some idea.

Anyone owns a certain amount of Points of Presence, which allow him/her to identify with his/her values, convictions, or any other thing he/she may wish, this is the Attention Capital. POPs can be invested on something in order to make that something become real, on another hand, it is possible to take off POPs  from real things, thus making those things a little less real.

 What is not here, is not here yet, but this doesn’t mean it will never be. To make something real, present, it is necessary to believe in it, to live by it, to act according to it, and to share it with others. Thus, what seemed far away gets closer.» And as a reverse: « What is here, is already here, but this does not mean this will always be here. To make something disappear, it is important to stop believing it exists, to stop living by it, to stop acting according to it, this reality you need to see disappear. Thus, what looks present/real will become absent/unreal.

Get registered and granted credits for your Attention Capital with 1 100 Points Of Presence (POPs) and, as a Happiness Agent, you can take your POPs to invest in the cities and villages of your choice to spread the virus of happiness around the world. When the city (or village) selected reaches 10%, it will be contaminated by the virus Happiness!