How can I increase my Attention Capital? How can I make POPs?

Thank you for your contribution, your translation was sent to our directors, if it is published you will earn 1000 POP in return!

How can I increase my Attention Capital? How can I make POPs?

When you register (as Happiness Agent) you get 1 100 POPs.

Each time you enter a new happy testimony (yours or somebody else’s) you get 10 (& 20) POPs.

You get an extra 10 POPs each time the person you interviewed gave you his/her email address.

Sponsoring a new Happiness Agent gives you 100 POPs and each time your protégé enters  happy testimonies, you get 10 POPs. If there are further generations of sponsorship through your protégé, you get 5 POPs for every new happy testimony.

Whenever one of those happy testimonies (one of yours or resulting from your sponsorship) is translated, you get 30 POPs. 

I heard about the incredible Happiness Agents Diplomas. Is it true? 

Yes ! You are sure well informed! There is indeed an incredible diploma for Happiness Agent * 1st star diploma, for agents having collected their first 7 happy testimonies among their friends and relatives + gratification of their Attention Capital of 1 000 POPs, the 2 stars diplomas, rewarding agents having collected 14 more happy testimonies + gratification of 1 000 POPs… and so on and so forth. And the same for a incredible diploma for Self Happiness Agent (with your own testimonies) !... 

Further on, you can also get the Incredible Diploma for Supra Inspiring Happiness Agent * 1st star for agents who sponsored seven people to become Happiness Agent (and here you have a stock of capital of Attention 1 000 POPs). So, you can imagine, there is an  Incredible Diploma for Supra Inspiring Happiness Agent   (two stars), attributed to a Happiness Agent who sponsored 14 people to become Happiness Agent (with over 1 000 POPs) . And so on ...

Another reason not to forget to enter on the website the testimonies you’ve collected!

And why? ... To place your Points Of Presence on the towns and villages of the world to spread the virus Happiness :)