Thanks to…

Thank you for your contribution, your translation was sent to our directors, if it is published you will earn 1000 POP in return!

Thanks to…

Thanks to everyone who ever help us through with this project, and to whoever who will help us in the future… to the friends, the happy testimonies collectors, to those who answered and participated, here and there, those who help the project, whatever way, just to make it happen...

to anyone having fun spreading the Happiness Virus, far and away, concretely or abstractly, those who make this possibility a little bigger each time, through an intense lightness that yet will remain through times. Thanks to all the others, who show us how necessary it is to correctly apprehend communication, creativity, compassion and simplicity with the greatest elegancy and awareness ever possible. 

Thanks for taking part, from where-ever you are, to an inspiring world.

I dedicate all the work already done, and all the work still to be done, to all those we loved, who passed away, and to all the happy moments we still have to create, before we meet them again… or not. :)