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The latest testimonies of Bruxelles
What makes me happy is that everybody is fine.
Catherine , 18 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What made me happy was to make a break in my job in order not to work any longer, to decide to care about myself and now to give priority to my happiness.
Béatrice , 51 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to be sitting outside a café with nothing to do but let my mind wander (daydream), sip my drink and watch people walk by.
Catherine , 47 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
To be happy, I need calm and tranquillity, to be loved and love, sunshine and perfect happiness ( a little water, some fruit, my garden on my island) and peace in the world.
Marie-Émilie , 54 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
Just to hear some good news on the radio.
Corinne , 41 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
My marriage has made me happy.
Thérésa , 48 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy is that, though I am agoraphobic, I have made a great friend Pascale thanks to Internet, and I thank her for having friendly feelings for me.
Julie , 39 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)
For you I am not merely a thing, my happiness is you, Pilou.
Katie , 46 ans, Bruxelles (Belgique)