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The latest testimonies of Madrid
A woman makes me happy.
Amine , 29 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is seeing my reflection in the eyes of my son.
Vincent , 25 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
I love to feel that boundaries don't exist here, smiles are the same everywhere, they can be exchanged in every language… that makes me happy.
Amandine , 21 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
What made me happy was leaving for Bordeaux.
Lisa , 19 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
I met a person in the metro that made me smile…for no reason and that made me happy.
Sylvano , 24 ans, Madrid  (Espagne)
Smelling the scent of my children makes me happy.
Mireille , 45 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
To feel loved by my surroundings and to be able to return that love makes me happy.
Maria-Selva , 26 ans, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is the day when my mother told me that she was happy to have a daughter like me.
Kadi , 18 ans, Madrid (Espagne)