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    ANA (100 PDP)
The latest testimonies of NOISY-LE-GRAND
What makes me happy is to be desired.
Nacéra , 33 ans, Noisy-le-Grand (France)
I am happy to have a large family and a girlfriend who shares my vision. I am happy to have a lucky star in my life professionally, financially, and for leisure, love and health.
Eddy , 23 ans, Noisy-le-Grand (France)
A child's spinning top on the carpet. What a pleasure to approach it, having watched it from afar, the memories coming back of those exquisite moments where colours mingled and filled rainbow eyes. I lean over, touch the top and play with it and that simple pleasure warms my heart, it turns, turns, turns...
Agnès , 45 ans, Noisy-le-Grand (France)
What makes me happy is the shoo-shoobidoos, the waboo waboos and all the rest.
Abigaëlle , 40 ans, Noisy-le-Grand (France)