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The latest testimonies of Tunis
What makes me feel really happy is to be free to act, speak and realise my dreams.
Hazar , 26 ans, Tunis (Tunisie)
What makes me most happy is when I see happy people. That's the reason why I try to make people happy. Sometimes a simple smile is enough…Fortunately there's a universal language that everybody can communicate with: the “language of the heart”.
Maïssa , 21 ans, Tunis (Tunisie)
To help people as much as I can makes me feel happy.
Sou , 30 ans, Tunis (Tunisie)
Happiness is when I see my mother again, for whom I'll always be the same kid (even if I'm not this kid anymore) and to see her face lighting up and smiling.
Mehdi , 27 ans, Tunis (Tunisie)
What makes me happy is to see happy sports people.
Hythem , 23 ans, Tunis (Tunisie)