Make world happy as you

A kind of happiness that will never pass away is giving birth to a child, it is the most beautiful happiness to my mind.
Evelyne , 46 years old, Namur (Belgique)
What makes me happy is when my husband tells me “I love you more than my life!”
Magalie , 23 years old, Marrakech (Maroc)
I am happy because I found my P50 motorcycle that I had lost.
Paula , 29 years old, Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso)
What makes me happy is to listen to Danièle's music, dance the tarentelle and tammurriata and sing with my friends (especially napolitean songs).
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
What makes me happy is thinking that I've succeeded in getting out of many decades of abuse by myself. Others will succeed as well.
Gentiane , 56 years old, Bordeaux (France)
What makes me happy is finally getting to use the internet !
Jean-Claude , 68 years old, Bagneres-de-Bigorre (France)
What makes me happy is seeing that my best friend is always there, even when things aren't going well.
Maxime , 22 years old, Lyon (France)
My five year old daughter told me : « Mommy, when you die, I will take all my treasures and I will give them to you when you return as a little baby. » That day, I felt a great surge of happiness
Rebecca , 34 years old, Melun (France)
What made me happy...I was five years old, I wanted a little sister and I got one the day before my birthday. That was my best gift!
Benjamin , 22 years old, Romainville (France)
The purchase of a house in the country made me happy. It gave me a goal.
Martine , 43 years old, Argenteuil (France)
What makes me happy is that each and every day, I live…
Andrade , 52 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me happy is that my three and a half year old son gets angry if someone wants to smush an insect or when he asks us to be quiet to not scare a bird.
Marie-Noëlle , 32 years old, Ham-sous-Varsberg (France)
Walking barefoot and feeling the sun under my feet.
Mary , 21 years old, Aix-en-Provence (France)
I am getting divorced, my husband prefers men, my 14-year-old daughter is pregnant, I am in love with a 22- year-old man who left for Mozambique, I am jobless, I am walking on air, Life is beautiful, I am alive ! Cool, isn't it ?
Ana , 45 years old, Melun (France)
What makes me the happiest is to see the people I love happy.
Noélie , 16 years old, Mons (Belgique)
The day I decided to take myself by the hand again (I was quite depressed) made it so that, during this time, life itself made me happy...
Marie , 23 years old, Thetford Mines (Canada)
What makes me happy is thinking about what's going to make me happy later. When I get my car, a job I like, so that I can fulfill my passion and live with the woman I love and who loves me too. My happiness is living free.
Davy , 16 years old, Saint-Laurent-du-Var (France)
I love to feel that boundaries don't exist here, smiles are the same everywhere, they can be exchanged in every language… that makes me happy.
Amandine , 21 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is seeing middle aged couples still walking together hand in hand.
Andrée , 56 years old, Sevran (France)
What makes me happy is having sponsored a little african, who comes from Burundi !
Christelle , 21 years old, Pont-Saint-Pierre (France)
What makes me happy is reading happython every morning in class. That puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.
Laure , 20 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is to see the smile of people I like and the sunset. It's to hear the voices melody and children laughing. It's to smell flowers perfume and that of hot coffee. It's to feel under my fingers the softness of the skin and the grains of a fine sand beach…
Karine , 23 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is seeing all the cherry trees blooming in Japan, and telling myself that nothing is more beautiful and nothing pleases us more than this langourous pink…
Alex , 20 years old, Nice (France)
What does make me happy is to watch the waves lapping on the fine sand
Nadine , 33 years old, Mons (Belgique)
What made me happy was when I played my first notes on the guitar a few months ago. So far I believed music was not for me.
Caroline , 21 years old, Namur (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to know that I am the artist of my life ! Happiness exists provided I really want.
Christophe , 34 years old, Neuville-en-Ferrain (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my daughters happy and in good health
Lilou , 33 years old, Montréal (Canada)
What makes me happy is to read every morning the Happython when I'm in class. It puts me in a good mood for all the day.
Laure , 20 years old, Lyon (France)
My wife makes me happy… She helped me to discover what real life is like!!!
Nacer , 34 years old, Chlef (Algérie)
The day when my daughter Nouha was born, on July 4th, 2004 made me happy.
Saadane , 31 years old, Ferdjioua (Algérie)