Make world happy as you

What made me happy was when she showed me the stars and blew on my neck to warm me up.
Rémi , 19 years old, Ferte-Bernard (France)
Giving birth to my two children made me happy.
Joëlle , 44 years old, Liège (Belgique)
Just to hear some good news on the radio.
Corinne , 41 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy is seeing her in the morning, brushing her teeth in her robe, her gaze far away. I look at her, and our eyes meet.
Noël , 24 years old, Toulouse (France)
I am happy when I do well in my studies.
Merieme , 20 years old, Agadir (Maroc)
What makes me happy is to eat braised fish with my fingers, in the shade of a tree, in the Ivory Coast, and to watch the sunrise on Buttes Chaumont Park.
Aline , 28 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is seeing the popcorn head of my love waking up.
Hélène , 30 years old, Lyon (France)
My grandfather's eyes that sparkled whenever he saw me arrive. The wind that strokes my face, the sun that warms up the heart and finally, just feeling alive!
Emilie , 20 years old, Nancy (France)
What makes me happy is seeing all the cherry trees blooming in Japan, and telling myself that nothing is more beautiful and nothing pleases us more than this langourous pink…
Alex , 20 years old, Nice (France)
What makes me happy!!! Well, I'm only 17 years old, so my happiness is far from complete, but I'll say that what makes me happy is seeing people smile.
Mary , 17 years old, Terrebonne (Canada)
What makes me happy is to be pretty.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
I'm happy when I travel !
Boudriss , 38 years old, Mantoue (Italie)
What made me happy was my title of European champion of table tennins in all categories and my boyfriend.
Angéline , 22 years old, Evry (France)
I am happy when I can make a date with a very good-looking girl.
Micka , 22 years old, Lyon (France)
What made me happy ? It is probably slight …I met a totally exceptional man on a chat one year and ten days ago (de visu).
Marianne , 38 years old, Liège (Belgique)
Life and loving others makes me happy.
Yasmine-Lewis , 29 years old, Libreville (Gabon)
A woman makes me happy.
Amine , 29 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
This is great !! The virus of happiness !! I'd like to give you my own definition of happiness... : “Happinees is like a butterfly. If you run after it, it will escape... But if you let it be, it will land softly on your shoulder...”
Louise , 42 years old, Chicoutimi (Canada)
What makes me happy is being a great-great grandfather.
Jean , 97 years old, Barcelone (Espagne)
What makes me happy is to have a beautiful diploma.
Sona , 28 years old, Bastia (France)
What makes me happy is to get up in the morning and thank God for letting me sleep in peace.
Rabah , 31 years old, Grenoble (France)
As far as I'm concerned, what made me happy was to meet this great guy who I really love a lot.
Lina , 30 years old, Tigzirt (Algérie)
What made me happy is an angel on the web who gave me a lot of happiness and love and I can't forget…
Marlène , 55 years old, Liège (Belgique)
This morning, while feeding my fish, the ingrates finally recognized me ! I was crazy with joy ! (laughs)
Marie , 31 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to be with a friend and with the kids.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
What makes me happy is a warm day with the wind and the blue sky of spring… A day like today.
Lorenzo , 23 years old, Milan (Italie)
I am getting divorced, my husband prefers men, my 14-year-old daughter is pregnant, I am in love with a 22- year-old man who left for Mozambique, I am jobless, I am walking on air, Life is beautiful, I am alive ! Cool, isn't it ?
Ana , 45 years old, Melun (France)
To eat chips makes me happy
François , 23 years old, Calais (France)
What makes me happy is getting up in the morning, stretching out on my sofa and letting the sun warms my bare feet through the window.
Bertrand , 23 years old, Bordeaux (France)
What makes me happy is to see his first name show up on my cell phone when at the same moment I'm thinking of him.
Ana , 22 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me happy is the feeling of a smile!
Emmanuelle , 27 years old, Marseille (France)
What made me happy was to find out that I was pregnant with the child of the man of my life.
Stéphanie , 24 years old, Rome (Italie)
What makes me happy is seeing that my best friend is always there, even when things aren't going well.
Maxime , 22 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is to believe in life, to believe in me.
Patrick , 45 years old, Toulouse (France)
Sophie , 22 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me happy is the first kiss in a love affair…The first craziest moments…
Samuel , 28 years old, Paris (France)
My fall in the bus this afternoon because a good-looking boy gave me a smile and helped me to get up
Sara , 19 years old, Lyon (France)
0n Saint Valentin's night I decided to make love with a 40-year-old man. I was his little princess, I desired him so much that I was afraid. I was trembling. He made love with me as none had ever done . On that night I saw the wolf : happy.
Amira , 25 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy, hmm... The first is waking up and seeing sunbeams... the second is payday... the third is my last day at work!
Chantal , 33 years old, Saint-Léonard (Canada)
What makes me happy is getting a love letter meant for someone else... and getting a love letter really meant for me!
Charlotte , 17 years old, Amiens (France)
To travel to Europe to see my brother's son who was born the day before yesterday.
Mohamed-Amine , 19 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)
What makes me happy? Well, I've been married to the man I adore for 36 and we are going to celebrate our 30th marriage anniversary next October 28. We have two sons, 22 and 29 years old, I am surrounded by love. Each second of my life I find a little happiness.
Shana , 52 years old, Chambly (Canada)
My cousing Mathilde, 3 and a half years old, was skeptical when we told her, after school, that her little sister had been born during the day. But if you had seen her when she finally met Alice, she was ovewhelmed with joy !!!
Angélique , 23 years old, Chambly (France)
What makes me happy …To share a meal and an evening with friends.
Mado , 43 years old, Verviers (Belgique)
Up until now nothing that I have accomplished or created in my life is worth mentioning compared to that freedom I have acquired through the fact of doing nothing to accomplish, change or improve anything in the world, including myself
Christin , 50 years old, Zurich (Suisse)
What makes me happy is telling myself that there are places where everything is simple and less heavy than this place, and that can be here if I want it to be.
Eugène , 21 years old, Dargnies (France)
What makes me happy is to be back on the education road.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
What makes me happy : family meetings, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…
Lucienne , 85 years old, Chatellerault (France)
Yesterday it rained, I strolled along the ocean, a photo was taken, a kiss, a laugh, warmed up again in a cafe, shared a chocolate cake and cherry tea.
Nelly , 26 years old, Nantes (France)
My children ‘s smiles make me happy.
Sandrine , 32 years old, Brabant Wallon (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to stop and enjoy a few quiet moments in my very busy life, so I can think of the distance covered, trials, moments of joy, and then I think that life is great!
, 43 years old, Waremme (Belgique)
Hearing that a friend is expecting a baby makes me happy.
Karine , 20 years old, Tremblay-en-France (France)
What makes me happy is the happiness of others surrounding me.
Andrade , 52 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me happy ? A bird singing in the morning when I get up.
Thérèse , 47 years old, Charleroi (Belgique)
What makes me happy is really knowing that one day I'll have enough power to spread love and happiness.
Meriama , 15 years old, Marrakech (Maroc)
What makes me happy? My new life with the man of my life hihihi !
Catherine , 36 years old, Mons (Belgique)
An evening between friends, with a little to drink of course. One of them accompanies you back to your taxi, one of the ones with whom you share the same complicity and sensitivity. And on a « goodbye » you steal a kiss from him, instead of an ordinary « see ya soon ». A kiss that lasts for a little while, a kiss he returns. The kind of kiss that makes you smile each time you think about it again and makes you happy.
Aurore , 22 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is living the life I've always wanted to live.
Frédéric , 21 years old, Strasbourg (France)
What made me happy ? After loving lots of men, I fell in love with a woman and for that wonderful love, I gave up men and my former way of life. But it is worth while, I love and I am loved, peaceful and completely happy, that great affection…
Gisella , 51 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my parents together.
Sarah , 20 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)