Make world happy as you

Yesterday it rained, I strolled along the ocean, a photo was taken, a kiss, a laugh, warmed up again in a cafe, shared a chocolate cake and cherry tea.
Nelly , 26 years old, Nantes (France)
What makes me happy is to skid and slide in front of the tobacco shop !
Mélanie , 12 years old, Epinay-sous-Senart (France)
To feel loved by my surroundings and to be able to return that love makes me happy.
Maria-Selva , 26 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
My success (academic with honors) makes me happy.
Mane , 18 years old, Khouribga (Maroc)
What makes me happy is knowing that I am loved for who I am and that fills my heart with emotion to have tears of it in my eyes ! Then I understand that life is more than magic. Thanks to life.
Petrouchka , 21 years old, Marseille (France)
What makes me happy is telling myself every morning, while reading the Happython, that I am not the only one who thinks like this.
Nicolas , 22 years old, Nice (France)
What does make me happy is to watch the waves lapping on the fine sand
Nadine , 33 years old, Mons (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to believe in life, to believe in me.
Patrick , 45 years old, Toulouse (France)
To help people as much as I can makes me feel happy.
Sou , 30 years old, Tunis (Tunisie)
What makes me happy is seeing that my best friend is always there, even when things aren't going well.
Maxime , 22 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is to be pretty.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
Cultivating my friendships is what makes me happy.
Rachel , 28 years old, Courbevoie (France)
The thing that makes me happiest is someone's love and people's respect and the world smiling at me.
Stéphanie , 21 years old, Québec (Canada)
When I left alone to experience giving up everything, I had the impression that I was happy.
Mihran , 33 years old, Rosny-sous-Bois (France)
What makes me happy is the beauty of the sky.
Camille , 10 years old, Rome (Italie)
What makes me happy is that my three and a half year old son gets angry if someone wants to smush an insect or when he asks us to be quiet to not scare a bird.
Marie-Noëlle , 32 years old, Ham-sous-Varsberg (France)
I thought it was only possible to die from sadness. But one day I nearly died from happiness when the man I had always loved from afar, but only ever hoped to talk to, came and talked to me. It was the most beautiful day of my life.
Sanaa , 25 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)
What makes me happy is seeing a smile erase the wrinkles on my husband's face.
Agnès , 53 years old, Ayvelles (France)
What makes me happy is getting a love letter meant for someone else... and getting a love letter really meant for me!
Charlotte , 17 years old, Amiens (France)
What makes me happy is receiving a message that is proof of a pardon granted by a friend...maybe found again.
Thierry , 47 years old, Arradon (France)
My wife makes me happy… She helped me to discover what real life is like!!!
Nacer , 34 years old, Chlef (Algérie)
What makes me happy is being with my family, spending time together, feeling all of their love, expressing how I feel, telling them, showing them.
Yves , 55 years old, Eragny (France)
Nothing makes me happier than to create something with my own hands, to prepare some tempting meal that we can all share together later, or to sew cushions myself. There is a magic in creating, making, concocting something with ones own hands. It is a proof that our hands are just an extension of our thoughts.
Farida , 25 years old, Tremblay-en-France (France)
What makes me happy is finally getting to use the internet !
Jean-Claude , 68 years old, Bagneres-de-Bigorre (France)
What makes me happy is telling myself that, whatever happens, if we separate or find each other again, whatever time passes, no one will be able to erase our most cherished memories.
Charlotte , 16 years old, Strasbourg (France)
What makes me happy is seeing middle aged couples still walking together hand in hand.
Andrée , 56 years old, Sevran (France)
What makes me the happiest is to see the people I love happy.
Noélie , 16 years old, Mons (Belgique)
What makes me happy …To share a meal and an evening with friends.
Mado , 43 years old, Verviers (Belgique)
What makes me happy is all that is beautiful, pure, frank and honest and that doesn't cost anything because these are the simplest things that are the most wonderful.
Steven , 33 years old, Rivière-du-Loup (Canada)
What made me happy...I was five years old, I wanted a little sister and I got one the day before my birthday. That was my best gift!
Benjamin , 22 years old, Romainville (France)
What made me happy was to find out that I was pregnant with the child of the man of my life.
Stéphanie , 24 years old, Rome (Italie)
What made me happy was rowing with my father one night with a full moon, at 4 in the morning, in the Parana delta in Argentina.
Eugénie , 27 years old, Buenos Aires (Argentine)
I am learning to develop my ability to « not define » life, to melt into it rather than dominate it… and by so doing… I learn to love… and the more I love… the happier I am every day!
Chantal , 40 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to see this little twig of a woman who is my mother smile and laugh, each time it's…
Heïdi , 21 years old, Villeurbanne (France)
I love to feel that boundaries don't exist here, smiles are the same everywhere, they can be exchanged in every language… that makes me happy.
Amandine , 21 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
The day I decided to take myself by the hand again (I was quite depressed) made it so that, during this time, life itself made me happy...
Marie , 23 years old, Thetford Mines (Canada)
Yesterday evening, out to see the lights of Lyon, I found myself in the park of la Tête d'Or, on a path with lights and sounds so surreal…and relaxing ! A real moment of happiness after a day of hard work.
Muriel , 44 years old, Lyon (France)
My happiness is eating my favorite meal: pureed sausage.
Thomas , 10 years old, Mons-en-Baroeul (France)
My 14 years old son has a very worn stuffed bear and I hadn't been able to find one just like it to replace it. Today, I search online and I finally found it. I order four in advance and I feel like the happiest of all mothers.
Chloé , 22 years old, Reims (France)
What makes me happy, hmm... The first is waking up and seeing sunbeams... the second is payday... the third is my last day at work!
Chantal , 33 years old, Saint-Léonard (Canada)
What makes me happy is to eat everyday with my friends, each bite is for me a breath of life.
Estefania , 18 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
I'm in college prep, and what makes me happy is that my scores went from 2 over 20 to 4 over 20. I tell myself then, that now I see the fruits of my labors.
Laly , 18 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy every day, it is to see black slaves'sons and daughters appointed to fairly important positions, in a country where there were schools for Whites and schools for Blacks, buses for Whites and buses for Blacks, just very few decades ago.
Alex , 43 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is falling in lovein the metro every morning ! Stranger from line 6, if you recognize yourself…
Julia , 18 years old, Paris (France)
What made me happy lately was to hear that I was pregnant after so many fruitless attempts.
Christine , 35 years old, Liège (Belgique)
What makes me happy? The sun, books, wine, when I have a good idea, a good conversation
Niklos , 22 years old, Brunswick (Allemagne)
What makes me happy is the existence of people on this earth who ask me what makes me happy.
Frédéric , 25 years old, Aubagne (France)
I am getting divorced, my husband prefers men, my 14-year-old daughter is pregnant, I am in love with a 22- year-old man who left for Mozambique, I am jobless, I am walking on air, Life is beautiful, I am alive ! Cool, isn't it ?
Ana , 45 years old, Melun (France)
Wednesday afternoon, I visit my grand mother at the old folks home. Our walk in the park brings us closer. Seeing her smile and her joy makes me happy.
Johnny , 23 years old, Nantes (France)
What makes me happy is really knowing that one day I'll have enough power to spread love and happiness.
Meriama , 15 years old, Marrakech (Maroc)
I'm against peoples' oppression and I want them to be free, so I am happy when there is justice on earth,…
Siham , 32 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)
What makes me happy is reading every little bit of joy in my children's eyes.
Solange , 31 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my reflection in the eyes of my son.
Vincent , 25 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is a state of mind and spiritual conscience.
Adèle , 80 years old, Bealencourt (France)
What makes me happy is getting up in the morning, stretching out on my sofa and letting the sun warms my bare feet through the window.
Bertrand , 23 years old, Bordeaux (France)
What makes me happy is to read every morning the Happython when I'm in class. It puts me in a good mood for all the day.
Laure , 20 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is the sea. When I see it or when I think about it, I am really comfortable in my own being. Oh yes, it's boring but it's the ocean blue that makes me happy.
Mina , 30 years old, Tizi Ouzou (Algérie)
What makes me happy is returning home, soaked, during a storm and hearing the rain beating against the windowpanes while I heat up tea!
Elodie , 17 years old, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France)
Oh… little everyday trifles make me happy … a smile, a hand in mine…a look, a laughing child…happiness is very relative…but we must know to appreciate the little things.
Angela , 40 years old, Benidorm (Espagne)
What makes me happy is seeing my daughters happy and in good health
Lilou , 33 years old, Montréal (Canada)
I like eating spaghetti and curly lettuce with some surimi, I like cuddles and playing with my friends, it makes me happy.
Olympia , 5 years old, Champigny-sur-Marne (France)
What makes me happy is to live without any worries.
Soufiane , 28 years old, Tébessa (Algérie)
What makes me happy is when there is music on the streets or in the metro. It gives me the impression that the quick steps of hurried people are in rhythm on the tempo, like an urban choreography !
Sandy , 19 years old, Toulouse (France)
What makes me feel really happy is to be free to act, speak and realise my dreams.
Hazar , 26 years old, Tunis (Tunisie)
What makes me happy is to prepare a good meal when my son comes home.
Jean-Luc , 52 years old, Garde (France)
The idea of finding the love of my life makes me happy.
Mouna , 22 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)
Smelling the scent of my children makes me happy.
Mireille , 45 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is that when I walk in the street, my steps are exactly as long as the bands on the crosswalk. I feel like I'm in harmony with my environment
So , 22 years old, Levallois-Perret (France)
What makes me happy is to love and be loved
Safae , 22 years old, Meknès (Maroc)
The smile of a child after an X-ray treatment… A baby holding out his hand… All that makes me happy!!
Laure , 34 years old, Blois (France)
Well, what made me happy lately was the surprise to be invited by my friend in a smart restaurant very close by my home where I had wanted to go for a long time but I had not enough money!
Michèle , 45 years old, Montigny-le-Tilleul (Belgique)
Happiness now is to feel I am starting afresh, even if I am alone, and to rely on the support of faithful friends and my granddaughter born 5 months ago, that is a dream and a revival in my life.
Agnès , 50 years old, Charleroi (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to see that people can work together to overcome difficulty.
Leïla , 29 years old, Sousse (Tunisie)
It's snowing. I didn't drink today (well… yeah, a little). I'm trying to answer your question… happiness ? For me this intense, deep emotion that moves me : I feel that I'm going to go away… I won't tremble anymore… live, that's all. Happiness is knowing that you can go away, happiness is the smile of someone who doesn't know that I'm an alcoholic. Happiness… is thinking that I'm normal. Happiness : being right, loyal, and honest.
Victoire , 28 years old, Paris (France)
I am most happy when people thank me for holding the door for them on the metro. I leave with a lively step to the RER A.
Sylvie , 38 years old, Rueil-Malmaison (France)
I adore my little kitten's caresses. That makes me happy.
Karma , 28 years old, Palma de Majorque (Espagne)
What makes me happy is to be at the bottom of a mountain, a hill…watching the top and say to it: “see you soon”… To walk, sweat, breath, sometimes to suffer a little… and reach the top and think: “I've done it, thank you”. Just a challenge with nature. This is one of the most wonderful things in the world.
Guillaume , 25 years old, Caen (France)
What makes me happy is when the people in the metro don't look just at their feet but at each other, and smile.
Axelle , 21 years old, Lille (France)
Financial independance gives me a peace of heart and a certain serenity and the fact of being loved comforts me. Loving a man and receiving love makes me forget my worries and brings me pleasure.
Soade , 29 years old, Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
The soccer team makes me happy.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
The fact that I've met my soul mate makes me happy.
Sadek , 26 years old, Béjaïa (Algérie)
What made me happy, it is when I was elected Miss France 2003 on december 14, 2002 and my great pleasure was when I saw my mother after that. In her eyes I could see how proud and happy she was. I think it is the most beautiful present I can offer her.
Corinne , 20 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to be with my friends with a friend called Sasi, and also Fiore and Dolores.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
Lots of things make me happy : I bought an appartment, I slept with a girl and I stopped smoking !
Lolie , 21 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is knowing that laughing works your abs!
Maud , 20 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to see animals.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
Just to hear some good news on the radio.
Corinne , 41 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy : walking with your eyes closed to feel the natural elements.
Stéphane , 24 years old, Gradignan (France)
What made me happy was to make a break in my job in order not to work any longer, to decide to care about myself and now to give priority to my happiness.
Béatrice , 51 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
One of the things I like to do is ….don't laugh at me ! It is to take off the shell of hard-boiled eggs. I adore that and it makes me happy.
Lilou , 33 years old, Montréal (Canada)