Make world happy as you

What makes me happy is that everybody is fine.
Catherine , 18 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy is seeing a smile erase the wrinkles on my husband's face.
Agnès , 53 years old, Ayvelles (France)
What makes me happy is knowing that laughing works your abs!
Maud , 20 years old, Paris (France)
Happiness was when my adoptive brother and sister found their biological mother and also the 26th of August when I knew that I was cured of my cancer.
Ambre , 20 years old, Toulouse (France)
It's my children that make me happy : my son Samuel, who is 1, and my daughter Mélissa-Jade, who is 14, they are the most precious things I have on Earth.
Guylaine , 38 years old, Montréal (Canada)
What makes me happy is life in general  Lots of good things happen to me, like my three boys...
Céline , 33 years old, Montréal (Canada)
What makes me happy is doing a task that, I feel, fits with me and my personnality.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
Happiness is when I see my mother again, for whom I'll always be the same kid (even if I'm not this kid anymore) and to see her face lighting up and smiling.
Mehdi , 27 years old, Tunis (Tunisie)
Hearing someone whistle will always be for me, synonymous with happiness. Thans Papy.
Mélanie , 21 years old, Toulouse (France)
What makes me happy is knowing that I am loved for who I am and that fills my heart with emotion to have tears of it in my eyes ! Then I understand that life is more than magic. Thanks to life.
Petrouchka , 21 years old, Marseille (France)
For me, what makes me happy is accomplishing the tasks I have to do... however small they are... the satisfaction of finished work...
Manon , 36 years old, Laurentides (Canada)
What makes me happy is to share my newspaper with somebody next to me in the tube that reads over my shoulder!
Etienne , 21 years old, paris (France)
Up until now nothing that I have accomplished or created in my life is worth mentioning compared to that freedom I have acquired through the fact of doing nothing to accomplish, change or improve anything in the world, including myself
Christin , 50 years old, Zurich (Suisse)
What made me happy was to spend my birthday evening with my son and his girlfriend, and tomorrow it will be the same with my sister and her husband. Hurray for the family!
Josette , 52 years old, Saint-Nicolas (Belgique)
What makes me happy is a state of mind and spiritual conscience.
Adèle , 80 years old, Bealencourt (France)
What makes me happy is staying in contact with my old friends and making new friends.
Cynthia , 18 years old, Shawinigan (Canada)
What makes me happy is to dream and imagine things about battles and love.
Younès , 5 years old, Saint-Malo (France)
What makes me happy is my calm spirit
Marie-Josée , 33 years old, Ottawa (Canada)
The fact that I've met my soul mate makes me happy.
Sadek , 26 years old, Béjaïa (Algérie)
To eat chips makes me happy
François , 23 years old, Calais (France)
What makes me happiest is the fact that a child can be born from me and that one day I'll have little toes in my belly...
Claire , 22 years old, Montréal (Canada)
What makes me happy is to be with my friends with a friend called Sasi, and also Fiore and Dolores.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
What makes me happy is to be back on the education road.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
Life is at the base. I know well that there are ups and downs, it's like that, but there's the fun and that's what makes me happy.
Cynthia , 16 years old, Saint-Jérôme (Canada)
What makes me happy is holding one of the metro's double doors, while exchanging a smile, and vice-versa.
Pierre , 68 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to see the smile of people I like and the sunset. It's to hear the voices melody and children laughing. It's to smell flowers perfume and that of hot coffee. It's to feel under my fingers the softness of the skin and the grains of a fine sand beach…
Karine , 23 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is being with my family, spending time together, feeling all of their love, expressing how I feel, telling them, showing them.
Yves , 55 years old, Eragny (France)
I'm against peoples' oppression and I want them to be free, so I am happy when there is justice on earth,…
Siham , 32 years old, Casablanca (Maroc)
What makes me happy is being in an excellent mood and knowing how to share it with those around me.
Franck , 37 years old, Toulouse (France)
Tomorrow's day is already making me happy.
Julie , 23 years old, Marseille (France)
My referee diploma made me happy.
Bilal , 14 years old, Vaulx-en-Velin (France)
What made me happy was being born into softness, joy and love, and knowing that when I open my door, all of it spreads out to the entire world.
Jessica , 18 years old, Bordeaux (France)
What makes me happy is to be with a friend and with the kids.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
What makes me happy ? To be a granny, nothing is more beautiful than to see your family grow larger and be able to play the doting mother again. It makes you feel young again.
Liane , 54 years old, La Louvière (Belgique)
What makes me happy is thinking through the best moments I've lived to determine which one is the best and thus reliving them.
Kevin , 19 years old, Chatenay-Malabry (France)
What makes me happy is all that is beautiful, pure, frank and honest and that doesn't cost anything because these are the simplest things that are the most wonderful.
Steven , 33 years old, Rivière-du-Loup (Canada)
What makes me happiest is all the little daily pleasures... Why search so hard, look what we have near
Louise , 43 years old, Chicoutimi (Canada)
What makes me happy is the children's smile.
Andrade , 52 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
Wednesday afternoon, I visit my grand mother at the old folks home. Our walk in the park brings us closer. Seeing her smile and her joy makes me happy.
Johnny , 23 years old, Nantes (France)
What made me happy was leaving for Bordeaux.
Lisa , 19 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me happy is to create as many problems as possible.
Jeanne , 27 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my reflection in the eyes of my son.
Vincent , 25 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
For a very long time I have wanted to play a musical instrument while avoiding the forbidding aspect of learning the solfeggio. By some wonderful chance, I saw a photo of a man. Playing the tampoura in the desert, the flash !
Patrick , 37 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is learning that my parents are going to leave for a lover's weekend. After 23 years of marriage, isn't it still really cute?
Pierre , 18 years old, Marseille (France)
My job!
Ferhat , 20 years old, Alger (Algérie)
I love to feel that boundaries don't exist here, smiles are the same everywhere, they can be exchanged in every language… that makes me happy.
Amandine , 21 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
The soccer team makes me happy.
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
I am getting divorced, my husband prefers men, my 14-year-old daughter is pregnant, I am in love with a 22- year-old man who left for Mozambique, I am jobless, I am walking on air, Life is beautiful, I am alive ! Cool, isn't it ?
Ana , 45 years old, Melun (France)
What makes me happy ? Sitting between others, while I feel a little wind on my face and watch the sunset.
Méliza , 19 years old, La Prairie (Canada)
What makes me happy is seeing all the different colors and ethnicities in the metro when I run errands in the morning…
Mathieu , 22 years old, Toulouse (France)
The happiest day of my live was when I left the hole I was hidden in for a month during the war in Rwanda. That day, the sun shone like it will no longer and the breeze was a caress that no man has ever given me. It was June 21, 1994 around 3 :00 p.m. I was 14.
Prisca , 26 years old, Brunoy (France)
What makes me happy is to be at the bottom of a mountain, a hill…watching the top and say to it: “see you soon”… To walk, sweat, breath, sometimes to suffer a little… and reach the top and think: “I've done it, thank you”. Just a challenge with nature. This is one of the most wonderful things in the world.
Guillaume , 25 years old, Caen (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my girlfriend after two or three days when we haven't seen each other and she has a smile on her lips... That means we aren't going to confuse ourselves.
Karim , 22 years old, Meaux (France)
What makes me happy is the idea of not waking up early in the morning, not taking the bus to school, not working, because studying too much can kill, but I do it anyway, I'm still happy.
Thomas , 15 years old, Aix-en-Provence (France)
What makes me happy, hmm... The first is waking up and seeing sunbeams... the second is payday... the third is my last day at work!
Chantal , 33 years old, Saint-Léonard (Canada)
A kind of happiness that will never pass away is giving birth to a child, it is the most beautiful happiness to my mind.
Evelyne , 46 years old, Namur (Belgique)
I found a job after a long laborious search and that made me happy.
Mariem , 23 years old, Agadir (Maroc)
What made me happy was my title of European champion of table tennins in all categories and my boyfriend.
Angéline , 22 years old, Evry (France)
What makes me happy, it is in the morning when I wake up in my lover's arms and he kisses me lovingly
Olympia , 32 years old, Paris (France)
I'm happy when I travel !
Boudriss , 38 years old, Mantoue (Italie)
My success (academic with honors) makes me happy.
Mane , 18 years old, Khouribga (Maroc)
All my travels.
Cécile , 34 years old, Gosselies (Belgique)
What makes me happy is making bread : to knead it, arrange the dough, cook it in my oven, and smell the aroma of fresh bread.
Josée , 54 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to see the others happy, my dearest, my friends, all the people I like.
Christelle , 31 years old, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgique)
What makes me happy is to read Happython in Metro newspaper with my beloved chums every day.
Duggy , 20 years old, Pantin (France)
For you I am not merely a thing, my happiness is you, Pilou.
Katie , 46 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me happy is that when I walk in the street, my steps are exactly as long as the bands on the crosswalk. I feel like I'm in harmony with my environment
So , 22 years old, Levallois-Perret (France)
My children ‘s smiles make me happy.
Sandrine , 32 years old, Brabant Wallon (Belgique)
So passionate, so tender, to hold me in your arms, kiss me gently and… tu make me fall on the bed ! You are so clumsy, my love, but how I love you, ooof ! I think about it in the metro, and I burst out laughing. I am happy.
Florence , 21 years old, Paris (France)
Most importantly a woman in my life and then my studies that have made me the person I am now.
Ahmed , 50 years old, Oran (Algérie)
When something wonderful appears in my life. Coincidences, signs, dreams which become reality with the impression that it's life which is organizing everything, lucid dreams.
Danielle , 33 years old, Paris (France)
Classic happy moment, but true : waking up beside your love… a moment of pure tenderness… you wake from one dream to plunge into another…
Rémi , 23 years old, Lille (France)
0n Saint Valentin's night I decided to make love with a 40-year-old man. I was his little princess, I desired him so much that I was afraid. I was trembling. He made love with me as none had ever done . On that night I saw the wolf : happy.
Amira , 25 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is breathing deep and seeing a smile appear on my face while I realize that it's good to live, something I had forgotten for a moment.
Annaïg , 25 years old, Lorient (France)
What makes me happy ? Scouting when I was young, then my commitment to a trade-union and a political party, my family – children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and hearing that my great-grandson Guillaume will soon be christened.
Louis , 88 years old, Chatellerault (France)
What makes me happy is seeing my love, who lives in Toulouse, very soon.
Soraya , 28 years old, Bobigny (France)
What makes me happy is running with people who are going to miss their train: not because I want to catch the train, but just for the pleasure of running and being out of breath...
Mélanie , 22 years old, Paris (France)
I am most happy when people thank me for holding the door for them on the metro. I leave with a lively step to the RER A.
Sylvie , 38 years old, Rueil-Malmaison (France)
My little world makes me happy… I first of all have all my pets: Loulou, Fofinha, Nina, Cleo, Cesar, Micas they are my dogs who, I can assure you, are also very happy with 3400 feet of field and two little houses… My cats: Tigrao, Faisca, Princesa who have 4 little kittens Milady, Aramis, Dartanhan, Portos… My tortoises whose names are: César and Cléopâtre…. My birds in big cage…
Silvia , 23 years old, Pombal (Portugal)
What makes me happy is my little 80-year-old mother, who is chock full of joyful projects : she's going to move into a new appartment.
Odile , 45 years old, Renay (France)
What makes me happy is a warm day with the wind and the blue sky of spring… A day like today.
Lorenzo , 23 years old, Milan (Italie)
To see my baby's birth.
Fatima-Zohra , 30 years old, Marrakech (Maroc)
What makes me happy is the ability I have to express myself in any languages, even if that is not the spoken language, but by gestures or feelings.
Claudia , 23 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
What makes me happy is to have a beautiful diploma.
Sona , 28 years old, Bastia (France)
My happiness is complete when I let the metro pass to keep kissing my love on the latform...telling myself that I'll take it maybe the next day or the day after that.
Sandra , 28 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to be pretty.
Daniela , 32 years old, Ancône (Italie)
lived my greatest happiness after having gone through a period of depression. I walk outside and I kneeled before the color of the starry sky and I told myself: God it's beautiful!
Yann , 35 years old, Toulouse (France)
What made me happy is that my best friend came with her boyfriend and offered me to go out to take my mind off things because I had just been chucked.
Valérie , 21 years old, Liège (Belgique)
What makes me happy is snakes and when my parents accepted to get one at home.
Valentin , 8 years old, Mons-en-Baroeul (France)
What makes me happy is finally being myself in my own eyes and in the eyes of my loved ones.
Didier , 34 years old, Paris (France)
What warms my heart and makes me happy is when nothing relents, seeing that my ideas come back stronger and more definite.
Jeff , 22 years old, Marseille (France)
What makes me happy is that it's raining today instead of a day when the weather's nice.
Arthur , 18 years old, Toulouse (France)
What makes me happy is finally being able to walk, because I was in a wheelchair.
Simon , 13 years old, Lille (France)
To be happy, I need calm and tranquillity, to be loved and love, sunshine and perfect happiness ( a little water, some fruit, my garden on my island) and peace in the world.
Marie-Émilie , 54 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What makes me most happy is when I see happy people. That's the reason why I try to make people happy. Sometimes a simple smile is enough…Fortunately there's a universal language that everybody can communicate with: the “language of the heart”.
Maïssa , 21 years old, Tunis (Tunisie)
What made me happy was when she showed me the stars and blew on my neck to warm me up.
Rémi , 19 years old, Ferte-Bernard (France)
To feel loved by my surroundings and to be able to return that love makes me happy.
Maria-Selva , 26 years old, Madrid (Espagne)
What makes me the happiest is to see the people I love happy.
Noélie , 16 years old, Mons (Belgique)
My faith in God makes me feel happy.
Mohamed , 35 years old, Boumerdès (Algérie)
What makes me happy is to listen to Danièle's music, dance the tarentelle and tammurriata and sing with my friends (especially napolitean songs).
Anna , 45 years old, Naples (Italie)
What makes me happy is to experiment with love.
James , 42 years old, Kyoto (Japon)
What makes me happy is finding the right temperature of water in the shower right away… I hate cold showers…
Julien , 19 years old, Rennes (France)
Lots of things make me happy : I bought an appartment, I slept with a girl and I stopped smoking !
Lolie , 21 years old, Paris (France)
What makes me happy is to know that I am the artist of my life ! Happiness exists provided I really want.
Christophe , 34 years old, Neuville-en-Ferrain (France)
To know that there's at least one person on earth who loves me for who I am, who shares my sad and happy moments and who never gets fed up saying “I love you”.
Khaled , 20 years old, Alger (Algérie)
What makes me happy is to read every morning the Happython when I'm in class. It puts me in a good mood for all the day.
Laure , 20 years old, Lyon (France)
What makes me happy is to have come study french, start to understand it and eat Korean meals.
Chang-Hun , 23 years old, Bastia (France)
What makes me happy is the enthusiasm I feel when I'm doing my work properly. I think that living for your vocation is the best way to be happy.
Aderrazak , 31 years old, Alger (Algérie)
Surprising my brother and seeing the happiness on his face, that's enough to make me happy.
Kamila , 28 years old, Marseille (France)
What makes me happy is my man's love.
Martine , 43 years old, Wavre (Belgique)
I am happy as soon as I get home from the office in the evening and see my child's smile.
Sam , 25 years old, Toulon (France)
What makes me happy is getting a love letter meant for someone else... and getting a love letter really meant for me!
Charlotte , 17 years old, Amiens (France)
What makes me happy is little everyday moments like for example : sitting on the edge of a lake and contemplating nature, horsebackriding in the woods, among other examples.
Carine , 32 years old, Granby (Canada)
What made me happy...I was five years old, I wanted a little sister and I got one the day before my birthday. That was my best gift!
Benjamin , 22 years old, Romainville (France)
I am happy when I can make a date with a very good-looking girl.
Micka , 22 years old, Lyon (France)
What made me happy was when I played my first notes on the guitar a few months ago. So far I believed music was not for me.
Caroline , 21 years old, Namur (Belgique)
What makes me happy ? The successful moments, the nice memories from my childhood.
Samia , 24 years old, Nabeul (Tunisie)
Just to hear some good news on the radio.
Corinne , 41 years old, Bruxelles (Belgique)
What made me happy was to find out that I was pregnant with the child of the man of my life.
Stéphanie , 24 years old, Rome (Italie)
What made me happy was when I could walk again for the first time after my operation, when I had been paralyzed.
Jocelyne , 40 years old, Lourches (France)