What makes them or has made them happy?

epingle I no longer remember exactly when, But it was approximately in 1996 that I decided to “do something with Internet” It took me until April 1997 to get together the equipment, the connections and the supplies, but then bang, I saw photos of people far away appearing before my eyes, with immediacy of connection and of memory. Wow. For each question I had to do with actual things, ideas or sources of ideas, or how to do something, etc. etc. I could find the reply in a few minutes, and that's when I realised: One doesn't need to know how to reach one's goal before one has decided it - simply dream it and the answers to how you can succeed are on Internet – even if you wish to work towards an enlightened planetary civilisation…
Leen , 51 years old, #1376 - Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)
epingle What makes me happy is to experiment with love.
James , 42 years old, #1375 - Kyoto (Japon)
epingle For a very long time I have wanted to play a musical instrument while avoiding the forbidding aspect of learning the solfeggio. By some wonderful chance, I saw a photo of a man. Playing the tampoura in the desert, the flash !
Patrick , 37 years old, #1374 - Lyon (France)
epingle Having a cat makes me happy.
Linda , 12 years old, #1373 - Mons-en-Baroeul (France)
Avoir été au restaurant avec mon mari à l'occasion de la Saint Valentin : c'était simple comme notre vie. Sans chichi et sans bla bla.
Marie , 38 years old, #1372 - Paris (France)
epingle I am learning to develop my ability to « not define » life, to melt into it rather than dominate it… and by so doing… I learn to love… and the more I love… the happier I am every day!
Marie , 38 years old, #1372 - Paris (France)
epingle Up until now nothing that I have accomplished or created in my life is worth mentioning compared to that freedom I have acquired through the fact of doing nothing to accomplish, change or improve anything in the world, including myself
Christin , 50 years old, #1371 - Zurich (Suisse)
epingle I am happy to have a large family and a girlfriend who shares my vision. I am happy to have a lucky star in my life professionally, financially, and for leisure, love and health.
Eddy , 23 years old, #1370 - Noisy-le-Grand (France)
epingle When something wonderful appears in my life. Coincidences, signs, dreams which become reality with the impression that it's life which is organizing everything, lucid dreams.
Danielle , 33 years old, #1369 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is a state of mind and spiritual conscience.
Adèle , 80 years old, #1368 - Bealencourt (France)
Ce qui me rend heureux, c'est de réaliser que le bonheur le plus simple est toujours le plus intense.
Frédéric , 31 years old, #1367 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is to be on holiday.
Frédéric , 31 years old, #1367 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy? The sun, books, wine, when I have a good idea, a good conversation
Niklos , 22 years old, #1366 - Brunswick (Allemagne)
epingle What makes me happy is when my boyfriend tells me he loves me.
Emeline , 17 years old, #1365 - Nimes (France)
Les journées du Médoc. C'est un week-end organisé, où les châteaux du Médoc proposent des visites, des animations et des dégustations de leur produit. Quel plaisir de rentrer dans ces caves majestueuses, de voir les fûts de vieillissement et les tonneaux qui s'alignent sur des dizaines de mètres, de sentir ces odeurs fortes, et de terminer en parlant vraiment de vin.
Johanne , 24 years old, #1364 - Bordeaux (France)
epingle The day I passed my driving license I was really happy because I had always thought I was useless
Johanne , 24 years old, #1364 - Bordeaux (France)
epingle My relationship makes me very happy. I really have the impression that I create that every day. What allowed me to live this relationship, was when I started to respect myself and to listen to myself. Of course the other person senses that and naturally comes to you without effort. Afterwards the secret is not to tie the net, not to become a living prison, but on the contrary to open up the space with kind attention and love. Programme for a beautiful relationship: - Respect it – Listen to oneself (and the other too !) – Encourage light thoughts towards the other – Continue as if you were alone - Love the other person tenderly - Have fun together.
Patrick , 31 years old, #1363 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is having being able to create and form a happy couple with children.
Nathalie , 27 years old, #1362 - Bezons (France)
epingle Cultivating my friendships is what makes me happy.
Rachel , 28 years old, #1361 - Courbevoie (France)
epingle The purchase of a house in the country made me happy. It gave me a goal.
Martine , 43 years old, #1360 - Argenteuil (France)
epingle The idea of free time makes me happy. Let me explain: life is such that we are always doing something, stressed, running around, always going faster... So, to programme some free time, time to do nothing, is an idea that gives me a real sense of happiness.
Fouzia , 30 years old, #1359 - Puteaux (France)
epingle Hearing that a friend is expecting a baby makes me happy.
Karine , 20 years old, #1358 - Tremblay-en-France (France)
Pouvoir enfin retirer du liquide, ce qui n'a pas pu être possible depuis plus de six semaines, à cause de problèmes administratifs (vive la bureaucratie !) !!
Nyota , 25 years old, #1357 - Amiens (France)
epingle Nothing makes me happier than to create something with my own hands, to prepare some tempting meal that we can all share together later, or to sew cushions myself. There is a magic in creating, making, concocting something with ones own hands. It is a proof that our hands are just an extension of our thoughts.
Nyota , 25 years old, #1357 - Amiens (France)
epingle Having brought to light a vocation. My son was studying Sociology and Economic Sciences at the University of Jussieu. One summer I forced him to work in a hospital to earn some pocket money. He dropped his studies to study at the I.F.S.I. (Nurses Training School) Today, at 25 he is happy, his job is a true vocation. His patients are happy and me too, I'm happy
Marie-Thérèse , 56 years old, #1356 - Paris (France)
epingle Brought up and educated in Brazzaville, The Congo, by missionaries. A war has broken out... Everything is destroyed, the town devastated, there is nothing to be found anywhere. However with courage the sisters go back to work, open the nursery and primary schools without any materials. They send out an SOS to ex-pupils of which I am one. Since that time I am running around the shops with my limited means of a retired person. Paints, folding books, etc. etc.... meetings with the people who will carry my packages to Brazza. And in return I receive letters and drawings from little children thanking me and calling me godmother and sometimes mother, this is happiness !!!
Caroline , 56 years old, #1355 - Paris (France)
epingle A child's spinning top on the carpet. What a pleasure to approach it, having watched it from afar, the memories coming back of those exquisite moments where colours mingled and filled rainbow eyes. I lean over, touch the top and play with it and that simple pleasure warms my heart, it turns, turns, turns...
Agnès , 45 years old, #1354 - Noisy-le-Grand (France)
epingle Wednesday afternoon, I visit my grand mother at the old folks home. Our walk in the park brings us closer. Seeing her smile and her joy makes me happy.
Johnny , 23 years old, #1353 - Nantes (France)
epingle Financial independance gives me a peace of heart and a certain serenity and the fact of being loved comforts me. Loving a man and receiving love makes me forget my worries and brings me pleasure.
Soade , 29 years old, #1352 - Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing all the different colors and ethnicities in the metro when I run errands in the morning…
Mathieu , 22 years old, #1351 - Toulouse (France)
epingle Each morning on my way to work, I read the newspaper and I hurry up to read the Happython. Often I find myself in what was said. Today, it's my turn. What makes me happy is going to bed early and waking up late when I don't have to work.
Aline , 45 years old, #1350 - Villepinte (France)
epingle My cousing Mathilde, 3 and a half years old, was skeptical when we told her, after school, that her little sister had been born during the day. But if you had seen her when she finally met Alice, she was ovewhelmed with joy !!!
Angélique , 23 years old, #1349 - Chambly (France)
epingle What makes me happy is holding one of the metro's double doors, while exchanging a smile, and vice-versa.
Pierre , 68 years old, #1348 - Paris (France)
epingle Surprising my brother and seeing the happiness on his face, that's enough to make me happy.
Kamila , 28 years old, #1347 - Marseille (France)
epingle What makes me happy is having sponsored a little african, who comes from Burundi !
Christelle , 21 years old, #1346 - Pont-Saint-Pierre (France)
epingle Walking barefoot and feeling the sun under my feet.
Mary , 21 years old, #1345 - Aix-en-Provence (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing that the head of a busy bar can stop working for two minutes because he saw a blind man trying desperately to walk across a crosswalk and help him cross arm in arm… that really make me happy to witness scenes like that ! Long live solidarity between people of all horizons !!
Greg , 20 years old, #1344 - Nice (France)
epingle Classic happy moment, but true : waking up beside your love… a moment of pure tenderness… you wake from one dream to plunge into another…
Rémi , 23 years old, #1343 - Lille (France)
epingle What makes me happy is telling myself that there are places where everything is simple and less heavy than this place, and that can be here if I want it to be.
Eugène , 21 years old, #1342 - Dargnies (France)
epingle The happiest day of my live was when I left the hole I was hidden in for a month during the war in Rwanda. That day, the sun shone like it will no longer and the breeze was a caress that no man has ever given me. It was June 21, 1994 around 3 :00 p.m. I was 14.
Prisca , 26 years old, #1341 - Brunoy (France)
epingle What makes me happy is the generosity of people who support Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun. Finally solidarity doesn't end.
Lulu , 21 years old, #1340 - Aubenas (France)
epingle This morning, while feeding my fish, the ingrates finally recognized me ! I was crazy with joy ! (laughs)
Marie , 31 years old, #1339 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is thinking of the happy future waiting for me somewhere in the universe.
Isabelle , 21 years old, #1338 - Toulouse (France)
epingle What makes me happy : walking with your eyes closed to feel the natural elements.
Stéphane , 24 years old, #1337 - Gradignan (France)
epingle What makes me happy is knowing that I am loved for who I am and that fills my heart with emotion to have tears of it in my eyes ! Then I understand that life is more than magic. Thanks to life.
Petrouchka , 21 years old, #1336 - Marseille (France)
epingle What makes me happy is the surge of love that invades my heart in the most numb of her lyrics…
Clément , 20 years old, #1335 - Lyon (France)
epingle What makes me happy is having discovered Happython planet ! and sharing my happiness with others. I have hope for the best days.
Sandra , 27 years old, #1334 - Paris (France)
epingle My happiness has already lasted for a long time. It renews itself every morning when I go to sample a cup of tea in one of the many Parisian cafés. It's a moment of pure joy, I let myself lapse into dreams in the ambiance of the cafes, and I can no longer do without it.
Nicole , 57 years old, #1333 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing my sweetie smile while reading the Happython each day.
Lilou , 21 years old, #1332 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is finally getting to use the internet !
Jean-Claude , 68 years old, #1331 - Bagneres-de-Bigorre (France)
epingle Smelling the aroma of the pizza that's baking in my oven and thinking that I'm going treat myself !
Mary , 21 years old, #1330 - Aix-en-Provence (France)
epingle What makes me happy is finding the right temperature of water in the shower right away… I hate cold showers…
Julien , 19 years old, #1329 - Rennes (France)
epingle It's snowing. I didn't drink today (well… yeah, a little). I'm trying to answer your question… happiness ? For me this intense, deep emotion that moves me : I feel that I'm going to go away… I won't tremble anymore… live, that's all. Happiness is knowing that you can go away, happiness is the smile of someone who doesn't know that I'm an alcoholic. Happiness… is thinking that I'm normal. Happiness : being right, loyal, and honest.
Victoire , 28 years old, #1328 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is to see this little twig of a woman who is my mother smile and laugh, each time it's…
Heïdi , 21 years old, #1327 - Villeurbanne (France)
epingle What makes me happiest is laughing, with time, over things I've cried a lot about. That's how I finally tell myself that life is too beautiful but it's us who often see the world in black.
Aysel , 20 years old, #1326 - Macon (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing all the cherry trees blooming in Japan, and telling myself that nothing is more beautiful and nothing pleases us more than this langourous pink…
Alex , 20 years old, #1325 - Nice (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing my girlfriend in the morning on the train tell me « until tonight, my love, » and then leave listening to Chuck Berry singing « Johnny B. Goode. »
Raphaël , 20 years old, #1324 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing my girlfriend in the morning on the train tell me « until tonight, my love, » and then leave listening to Chuck Berry singing « Johnny B. Goode. »
Nicolas , 18 years old, #1323 - Toulouse (France)
epingle What makes me happy is seeing the face of Kalé, my coworker, light up when I make him read the last Happython
Sidney , 21 years old, #1322 - Paris (France)
epingle What makes me happy is living the life I've always wanted to live.
Frédéric , 21 years old, #1321 - Strasbourg (France)
epingle Whenever I start to really like a person, I look at them straight in the eyes and I tell them that I love them (which is always true) : the glint that I see shine in their eyes, sometimes only for a fraction of a second, fills me with joy, and I am happy.
Louis , 47 years old, #1320 - Lyon (France)
epingle What makes me happy is chatting with my aunt on the internet and seeing her smile thanks to the webcam.
Mélanie , 20 years old, #1319 - Toulon (France)
epingle Yesterday at work, I thought myself the black beast and eight girls offered me chocolate. I live in Japan, and, here, it's the women who offer chocolate to men. My day had started very badly, and finished very well…
Benoît , 25 years old, #1318 - Tokyo (Japon)
epingle What makes me happy is thinking that I've succeeded in getting out of many decades of abuse by myself. Others will succeed as well.
Gentiane , 56 years old, #1317 - Bordeaux (France)