What makes them or has made them happy?

What makes me happy is after washing my hands, to dry them in the hot air of the hand dryer. That marks a nice pause in my day.

Julie , 20 years old, Lyon (France)

It's when a simple look is enough.

Julie , 24 years old, Lisbonne (Portugal)
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To feel loved by my surroundings and to be able to return that love makes me happy.

Maria-Selva , 26 years old, Madrid (Espagne)

What makes me happy is finally being able to walk, because I was in a wheelchair.

Simon , 13 years old, Lille (France)

What makes me happy is to see the smile of people I like and the sunset. It's to hear the voices melody and children laughing. It's to smell flowers perfume and that of hot coffee. It's to feel under my fingers the softness of the skin and the grains of a fine sand beach…

What makes me happy is life in general  Lots of good things happen to me, like my three boys...

Céline , 33 years old, Montréal (Canada)

Happiness for me is to get miraculously cured of my disease.

Raynald , 50 years old, Roubaix (France)

What makes me happy now is to see the people who think of me.

Isabelle , 29 years old, Wavre (Belgique)

What makes me happy is going to the Happython site every day, reading the testimonies of people filled with happiness ready to break up the sadness, to put my little foot on the wall, too. That puts sunshine in my eyes for the rest of the day.

Céline , 18 years old, Toulouse (France)

What makes me happy is spending time with my friends, going out with them, sharing my deepest thoughts with them and feeling their trust.

Fabrice , 18 years old, Marseille (France)
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What makes me happy is the idea that people would learn to love each other, without any feeling of racism. The world is everybody's…

Hilm-Lamiae , 35 years old, Fès (Maroc)